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Mission and Values

The central purpose of Logan Village State School is to create a safe, tolerant and disciplined environment within which students prepare to be active and reflective Australian citizens with a disposition to lifelong learning. They will learn skills in preparation to participate in and shape the social, economic and political life in their communities and the nation. They will be able to engage confidently with other cultures at home and abroad.
Logan Village State School is committed to providing a high quality education to enable its students to become active citizens in a global society.  Our purpose is to provide quality opportunities for all students to facilitate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to deal confidently with life’s pathways into the future, enabling them to make a productive contribution to society while fulfilling their needs.
To provide an outstanding, quality education that will meet the needs of all students and maximise their learning outcomes. To equip students to fully engage in the society of the future as productive members of the community.
Quality outcomes with our Community
Every Student - Every Lesson – Every Day
At Logan Village State School we believe that...
  • our best today can be improved upon tomorrow
  • everyone can learn and our goal is to maximise that learning
  • we can make a positive difference in the lives of our students, their families and our community
  • positive relationships are the foundation of effective teaching
  • student learning is maximised when parents and teachers and the community work together.
In accordance with the purpose of Logan Village State School, we believe:
·       schooling is a socialising experience and should provide children with a wide variety of social contexts in which they learn to respond, appropriately and effectively.
·       recognising the individuality of each child and giving attention to the individual needs, interests and abilities of pupils is an affirmation by teachers of a belief in the intrinsic worth of each individual.
·       encouraging all members of the school community to realise their full potential both within and outside the school.
·       effective learning depends on children having a positive self-concept which is developed in a caring, supportive environment where their efforts are valued and their attempts to extend themselves through risk taking are encouraged.
·       children learn developmentally and experientially and access different learning styles which require teachers to utilise a variety of teaching strategies.
·       the role of professional staff is to facilitate learning in a stimulating, supportive environment in which the child is viewed as an active participant in the teaching-learning process.
·       communication among all members of our school community should be open and effective.
·       education is a partnership between home and school.
As a progressive school we should be aware of the findings of recent educational research, and respond to these after critical examination