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Personal Tech At School

Mobile Phones and other Personal Technology I-pad, Smartwatches and Personal Technology devices (sim enabled)
All mobile phones are to be clearly labelled and signed in by the student at the office at the beginning of the day and signed out by the student at 3:00pm. All care but no responsibility will be taken for equipment.
Permitted personal technology devices used contrary to this policy on school premises will be confiscated by school staff. They will be made available for collection from the school office at the end of the school day unless required to be kept for purposes of disciplinary investigation, when it will only be returned in the presence of a parent.
Devices potentially containing evidence of criminal offences may be reported to the police. In such cases, police may take possession of such devices for investigation purposes and students and parents will be advised to contact Queensland Police Service (QPS) directly.
Students who have a personal technology device confiscated more than once will not be permitted to have a personal technology device at school for at least one month, or longer, if deemed necessary by the Principal.
Personal Technology Device Etiquette
Bringing personal technology devices to school is not encouraged by the school because of the potential for theft and general distraction and/or disruption associated with them. However, if they are brought to school, they must be signed in at the office at the beginning of the day and signed out and collected at the end of the day.